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HalalLeaks : HQC a danger that threatens Halal integrity

Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC): unethical, un-Islamic and unfair competition destroying Halal certification market in Europe and overseas: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece.


This article’s main focus is to denounce the multiple un-Islamic, unethical and immoral behaviour of Mr. Abdul Munim Al Chaman, the Chairman and owner of Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC), Den Haag, the Netherlands and his staff and to clearly document the Al Chaman’s goal is to impose illegal and unethical hegemony over Halal Certification Bodies (HCBs) and Halal certification market especially in Europe.

Prophet Mouhammad (peace upon him) ordered Muslims to be proactive to change evil behaviour. So, every Muslim has a responsibility in guaranteeing and protecting the Halal integrity, each in its position, role and compentecy. Silence and indifference damage the entire Halal global market in terms of credibility, reliability and integrity. Furthermore, it feed and empower Mr. Al Chaman’s sick ethics and put the basis for emulation by other HCBs prepared to do so and enforce the belief of accomplicity with Mr. Al Chaman’s sick way of thinking and acting.

We thank all Halal market Operators and Consumers who provided us with the important information and data that sourced this article. Whoever has more information or evidence on Al Chaman’s evil network or his unethic actions is kindly invited to provide us with. We guarantee that the source will be treated as confidential.

Many Halal market Operators, Halal certified Companies and Consumers urged to publish a blacklist of Al Chaman’s HCBs network, the other HCBs collaborating with HQC and their Halal certified companies and products, as they consider these HCBs and their Halal certified companies untrustworthy and their certified products are unreliable and unusable.

Immoral Vision

It is worth emphasizing that Mr. Al Chaman is commonly well known for his vision that “Halal certification is pure business” even without rules. Hence, he believes that “in order to persecute goals any means are justified”. Therefore Mr. Al Chaman justifies to himself his continuing disrespect to Muslim consumers, Halal Authorities and aggression to the other HCBs in the various countries just to widen its dominion on the Halal market. In fact, it is well known internationally that HQC’s certification audits don’t fulfil the minimum requirements of the reputable Islamic Halal Standards. Furthermore, Mr. Al Chaman applies immoral techniques of denigration of other certification bodies without any hesitation supported with unjustified lowering of certification prices in order to snatch customers from competitors, regardless to the detriment of the integrity of the Halal certification.

Mr. Al Chaman persecutes his objective through an evil network of his own satellite companies, apparently presented as “independent HCBs”. Mr. Al Chaman hides and denies his relationship to some of them in order to avoid being delisted from the Accreditation and Recognition Authorities because of the very evident disrespect of the Halal Standards and Islamic ethics and rules. However, the link between Mr. Al Chaman’s HCBs evil network is so evident especially because of the tight link between the staff of these HCBs (usually the same management staff) and the Halal certificates issued by more than one of these HCBs to the same producing companies. This happens in particular where so much critical animal derived products are involved.

In fact, Al Chaman certifies meats derived from animals which are slaughtered using the islamically prohibited gas and captive bolt stunning methods. In order to keep himself away from doupt, he usually issues the Halal certificates from other owned HCBs in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, with which he tries to denies his relationship. He also issues Halal certificates for bovine gelatine, based only on Halal certificates issued by un-recognised HCBs. Attachment 13 is a clear example on how Al Chaman’s HQC’s German branch issues Halal certificates for bovine gelatine manufactured by a German company based only on Halal certificates issued by an unkown, un-accredited Belgium HCB called Institut Musulman des Viandes et de l’Agro-alimentaire !

Here are some of Al Chaman’s owned companies, some of them are useful to collect off shore companies “sold” Halal certificates:

1.    Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC), Den Haag, the Netherlands; Director: Abdul Munim Al Chaman; Islamic Affairs Expert: Abdullah Hito(; (Attachment 1);

2.    Halal quality certification B.V., the Netherlands; Chairman: Ahmed Chaman; Director: A. Mustafa; (; (Attachment 2);

3.    Halal Quality Control GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany; CEO: Abdullah Hito (; (Attachment 3);

4.    Halal Quality Control (HQC), Osnabrück, Germany; General manager: Ibrahim Salama; Manager: Abdullah Hito (;

5.    Halal Certification Germany (HCG); General manager: Ibrahim Salama (; (Attachment 4);

6.    Halal Certification Italy (;

7.    Halal International Consultancy, Sharjah-Hemriyah Free Zone, United Arab Emirates; Director: Abdul Munim Al Chaman (; (Attachment 5), where the unknown, un-accredited HCBs pay Al Chaman for his services. This way he avoids money traceability and direct link between HQC and these HCBs and illegally avoids taxation on this money in the Netherlands.

8.    Marlen Shipping & Trading S.A., Panama; Director: Abdul Munim Al Chaman (Attachment 6).

Disrespectful Behaviour

In order to achieve his evil goals, Mr. Al Chaman acts through a double-sided strategy to impose control over Halal certification market in Europe: from one side by weakening powerful HCBs and by destroying weak HCBs from the other side, swallowing always their clients. In particular, Mr. Al Chaman weakens powerful HCBs by defaming them and misuses his relations with the Accreditation Bodies and his role in the Organizations representing HCBs internationally as a persuasive power for removing accreditation or recognition from his prey HCBs.

Mr. Al Chaman also is promoting forms of corruption. He tried to pay large sums of money in exchange for recognitions, accreditations, key roles in the international organizations representing certification bodies or other benefits.

Mr. Al Chaman is also trying the same tactics with JAKIM, especially in IHAB. The frightening fear is that JAKIM (unintentionally) may give him confidence and fall into his trap, losing (as a consequence) its credibility and influence in the global Halal field, as happened to other Halal Authorities in other Asian countries equally important and influential in the global Halal market.

We strongly urge all Halal Organizations to take a clear stand against Al Chaman. Otherwise, we will responsibily denounce the behaviour of those who directly or indirectly support Al Chaman’s evil plans.

Double-measure Accreditation

Three years or so ago, Al Chaman’s HQC applied to Gulf Accreditation Centre (GAC) for accreditation according to GSO Halal standards and ISO 17065. However, only almost two years later HQC got GAC’s accreditation only for cleaning products category. HQC has not been accredited for slaughterinh, meat and other food products, which are the HQC’s main business. This means that HQC had major non-conformities regarding these categories that impeded the GAC’s accreditation. Suddenly and surprisingly, only few months later, HQC got accreditation from another Accreditation Body for GSO Halal standards for the categories of Halal slaughtering, meat and other high risk products, not only for HQC’s office in Netherlands but also in other European Countries. Halal Stakeholders of the Halal global market are amazed and have a very big question mark on Halal integrity in mind. Can anybody solve this dilemma?

Opportunism-based Strategy

Mr. Al Chaman takes advantage of moments of difficulty in the life of HCBs, especially those following the loss of any of their accreditations or recognitions. Mr. Al Chaman initially presents himself to the prey HCBs playing the role of the good friend and supporter. He offers them free of charge or low-cost collaboration. Through his HQC he issues to their clients Halal certificates in less than 24 hours, without any documentary assessment, any onsite Audit nor any contact with companies.

Once the HQC certificates begin to run among the clients of the prey HCB, here is the time for Mr. Al Chaman to swallow his prey with his final blow. In fact, at this point HQC’s staff begins to contact directly the client companies of the prey HCB. They promote HQC as the best HCB in the world and present Mr. Al Chaman position and charges in the international bodies representing the HCBs as an index of being better competitor compared to other HCBs.

HQC’s staff is well instructed to spread false news and defamatory information to the accounts of their prey HCB. They also underline that their current HCB, which is apparently Al Chaman’s “partner”, does not have come accreditations or recognitions, which would be a risk for the client company, pushing it to leave their current HCB. Finally, HQC’s staff propose to clients of the prey HCBs to switch to being clients of HQC. Also, in this case, Mr. Al Chaman offers them lower certification prices and “easier certification process”, even without any documental review nor onsite audits, again uncaring of Halal integrity!

Mr. Al Chaman and HQC’s staff applied these satanic tactics “successfully” in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece (Attachment 1Attachment 9Attachment 10Attachment 11 and Attachment 12). In particolar, in Attachment 9 HQC’s staff informs the responsible of Mosque of Paris that they found another HCB to issue a Halal certificate regonised by MUIS (Singapore) for them, as neither HQC nor Mosque of Paris is recognised by MUIS.

Mr. Al Chaman and his HQC’s deputies are already preparing the blow against many other certification bodies! What will the next prey be?


HQC’s Certificates issued to Delisted, Refused & non-Muslim CBs

Mr. Al Chaman is also well known as the person who covers and assists Halal Certification Bodies (HCBs) that don’t have proper accreditation and recognition, those that have been delisted or rejected by Accreditation and Recognition Bodies by issuing Halal certificates to their clients through its HQC or through other HCBs of his “partnership’s network” without any documental review nor any audits. He also supports non-Muslim HCBs and promotes them by issuing to them HQC Halal certificates without any certification assessment.

Furthermore, Mr. Al Chaman promotes the non-recognised HCBs to become members of the organizations representing Halal as long as he has power or key roles in it. These HCBs then become part of his lobby within the international Halal forums and organizations so that these HCBs help him persecute his diabolic goals.

Attached are examples of the “selling” of Halal certificates from Mr. Al Chaman towards a non-recognised HCB in Germany and the “hidden” collaboration between Mr. Al Chaman and SGS in Germany through the “Halal Certification Germany”, which is one of his owned and hidden “brand HCBs” (Attachment 1 , Attachment 7 and Attachment 13).

No-Auditing Certification

In order to achieve his evil goals, Mr. Al Chaman and his staff contact directly the companies that are Halal certified by other HCBs. They offer them lower certification prices and “easier certification process”, even without any documental review nor onsite audits, again uncaring of Halal integrity (Attachment 1Attachment 7Attachment 10 and Attachment 11).

Unfair Competition

HQC’s staff directly contact the others’ HCBs clients, pushing them to leave their current HCB and proposing to switch to HQC, possibly offering them lower certification prices and “easier certification process”, even without any documental review nor any onsite audits. HQC’s staff and Al Chaman himself also spread false news and defamatory information against other HCBs to achieve their evil goals more easily!

HQC’s staff and Al Chaman himself also attract the management and technical personnel of other HCBs, promising and offering them more attractive salaries and careers. Hence, they use the “captured” personnel to extort secret and confidential information from them on the clients and on the weaknesses of the HCB they worked for, All of that just for personal benefit!

Here are some names of management and auditing personnel who have been captured by Mr. Al Chaman and switched to his evel network:

– Abdullah Hitu and Rachid Fanoos, switching from Halal Control (Germany);

– Ahmed Sherif, coming from IIDZ (Austria);

– Anis Youssef, switching from Halal International Authority (Italy).

All of that is for the sole reason of snatching clients from competitors and gaining more money and power! This means the corruption of the integrity and the reliability of the global Halal industry and market, which are the basis for its destruction.

Halal Integrity

Operating in the Halal field is just a choice. Nobody is obliged to be or become a Halal certifier, a Halal auditor, a Halal advisor or even a Halal consumer, apart from for a faith fellowship. Being a noncombulsory choice seems to make it easier for operators in Halal global industry. Absolutely not. On the contrary, dealing with a voluntary choice makes the respect of the Halal ethical rules obligatory. Lack of respect of the Halal rules is therefore so meaningful as regards liability and honesty.

HQC has been Delisted

MUIS (Singapore) and GIMDES (Turkey) acted with responsibility, force and determination to stop Mr. Al Chaman’s unethically and illegally acting way, aimed at dominating the Halal certification market, at any cost. In fact, MUIS and GIMDES delisted HQC from the list of the HCBs they recognize. This courageous action taken by MUIS and GIMDES has helped to extract an important tusk to the snake.  In fact, MUIS and GIMDES have partially broken the vicious circle of corruption that Mr. Al Chaman is disseminating in the global Halal world.

MUIS and GIMDES also gave a strong dobble message of moral integrity to all the HCBs, both to the strong HCBs, i.e.: “the sharp sword of MUIS cuts mercilessly the head of every overbearing snake”; and to the weak HCBs, i.e.: “MUIS is a protector of Halal ethics and those who respect its rules”.


Halal and Haram are clear concepts with no margin for doubt. Those who declare to follow the Halal concept or use the Halal term in their activities have no choice apart from being coherent, hence acting accordingly. Halaleaks is here to put in light the incoherent people and activities, as a contribution in building liability and trust in the Halal global market and industry.

All Halal global market’s stakeholders have responsibility in guaranteeing Halal integrity, each in its role and competency:

  • Accreditation and Recognition Bodies are protectors and guarantors of the Halal integrity in responsibly accrediting only the trustworthy HCBs which ethicaly behalf according to Shariah and conform to the Halal standards;
  • Certification Bodies are protectors and guarantors of the Halal integrity in responsibily certifying the trustworthy companies which ethically behalf according to Shariah and the products and services which are really conform to the Halal standards. Refusing the raw materials which are Halal certified by untrustworthy HCBs, during the assessment of the raw materials supply chian of the products subject to Halal certification, is absolutely determinant in guaranteeing integrity of the Halal global market;
  • Companies, which are Halal certified, are protectors and guarantors of the Halal integrity in responsibily choosing the trustworthy HCBs to be certified with, to conform to the international Halal standards and to act transparantly towards the Muslim consumers;
  • Muslim consumers are protectors and guarantors of the Halal integrity in responsibly verifying the real Halalness of the products before buying it and to denounce the doubtful and unconform cases.

Silence and indifference towards this thretening anti-Islamic behaviour, would feed and empower Mr. Al Chaman’s sick ethics and would put the basis for emulation by other HCBs prepared to do so and would reinforce a very dangerous belief among HCBs, that is Accreditation, Recognition and Certification Bodies are accomplice of Mr. Al Chaman’s sick way of thinking and acting.



What increases the danger of this situation is the popularity of Mr. Al Chaman’s un-Islamic ethic and its bad reputation. And what aggravates it is the silence of the Accreditation and Recognition Bodies, that establishes the idea of acceptance of such immoral behaviour or even its support. If things didn’t change, the consequences would be catastrophic for the whole Halal global market.

This is an appeal to JAKIM, MUI, MUIS, ESMA, EIAC, GAC, SMIIC and all other Halal stakeholders: you are the Guarantor of the Halal integrity worldwide. Muslims watch you as trust and reliability source in Halal certification field. Our appeal is also addressed to Halal Certification Bodies, which have equivalent huge responsibility as assessors and certifiers of the truth and comformity to Shariah not only of products but also of behaviour. Please stop Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC) and its un-Islamic, unethical and immoral behaviour.

We are confident that you will have the same strength and determination towards Mr. Al Chaman and his HQC. It is time to definitely stop his danger that threatens the Global Halal Market & Industry Integrity.

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