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علم الحلال و الحرب الاقتصادية المتوقعة؟

Irwandi Jaswir

Academic/Professional Qualification

  • PhD, Universiti Putra Malaysia/ 2000
  • PhD Exch. Prog., Univ. British Columbia, 1997-1998
  • MSc, UniversitiPertanian Malaysia/1996
  • BSc, Bogor Agric. Univ (IPB), Indonesia/1993
  • Dipl. Islamic Revealed Knowledge, IIUM/ 2003
  • Post Doctorate, NFRI (Japan)/ 206-2008

فائز بجائزة الملك فيصل العالمية لخدمة الإسلام نظير إسهامه في تأسيس “علم الحلال” بمجال الأغذي

Irwandi Jaswir’s research while affiliated with international islamic university Malaysia :

Plant-Based Substitutes for Gelatin

The Development of Rapid Method for Detection of Ethanol in Mouthwash Using E-Nose

Optimization and Formulation of Fucoxanthin-Loaded Microsphere (F-LM) Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and Analysis of Its Fucoxanthin Release Profile

Halal Food Security: Forensic and Laboratory Management

Identification of Pig Adulterant in Mixture of Fat Samples and Selected Foods based on FTIR-PCA Wavelength Biomarker Profile

Synthesis of fish gelatin nanoparticles and their application for the drug delivery based on response surface methodology

Understanding the significance variables for fabrication of fish gelatin nanoparticles by Plackett-Burman design

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