Lancashire :Du cheval dans les burgers halal

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County council refuses to identify Lancashire schools that received horsemeat

LANCASHIRE County Council bosses were last night still refusing to identify the 51 schools which received beef products, including halal beefburgers and cottage pies, containing horsemeat.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques demanded they provide the information to the public and said its intervention had stopped the scandal of contaminated “halal” products being worse.

Hanif Daudhwala, a halal expert at the LCM, said: “The county council should identify the four secondary schools which got contaminated “halal” burgers and the 47 primaries which got similar cottage pies.


“They have let down not just Muslim parents but all parents.

“Things could have been far worse but for the intervention of the LCM which contacted all the 68 schools being supplied by the county with supposedly Halal foods expressing our concerns. “Most chose a vegetarian diet for Muslims.”

A county spokesman said: “As a supplier of meals to the schools, it would not be appropriate to issue this information without each school’s consent but individual schools are obviously free to confirm their involvement.”

Tesco boss Philip Clarke has promised farmers to use more British meat in his supermarket’s products.

Source Telegraph Lancashire

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