Poulet : Alerte aux stories blanches en Grande Bretagne UK

The Humane League UK carried out the investigation by photographing and examining “standard” factory-farmed ranges of supermarket own-brand chicken which are the most commonly available choice. These were rated against a recognised scientific sale from “0 – none present” up to “3 – severe white striping present”.

The disease appeared to be present in

  • 94% of Asda samples and
  • 92% of Aldi and Lidl samples.
  • Iceland and Morrisons were the only 2 retailers where more than 20% of samples were clear of white stripes.

Vicky Bond, managing director at the Humane League UK, said it was urgent for supermarkets to take action: “There are clearly shocking levels of white striping disease throughout the UK retail industry.

More details of the investigation : https://thehumaneleague.org.uk/article/white-striping

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