Explication du test ADN


Dr Heather Hird, Principal Molecular Biologist at the Food Standards Agency, explains how they go about detecting horsemeat DNA in food products.

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Food Standards Agency has disclosed that horse meat has been found in one in 75 beef products on sale in British retailers.
The agency also said it is considering prosecuting retailers and food manufacturing companies for mislabelling beef products that contained horse meat.
It came as it emerged horse DNA has been found in cottage pies sent to 47 schools in Lancashire, proving for the first time that horse meat has found its way into British school dinners.
Dr Heather Hird, Principal Molecular Biologist at the FSA explained that after the DNA has been extracted from the meat, they look for a small portion of DNA that is specific for horse which they amplify and analyse it.
« We can tell very easily if there is horsemeat DNA present, » said Dr Hird

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