Halal Meat Production and Market Opportunities

This book details the economic significance of the Halal market and explains the different Halal slaughter methods, touch on the significance of animal welfare in Islam, the benefits of Halal certification to food businesses and give suggestions on how the welfare of animals can be improved during Halal slaughter.

Ce livre analyse l’importance économique du marché halal et explique les différentes méthodes d’abattage halal. il aborde l’importance du bien-être animal en islam, les avantages de la certification halal pour les entreprises alimentaires et donne des suggestions sur la façon dont le bien-être des animaux peut être amélioré pendant l’abattage halal.

يشرح هذا الكتاب الأهمية الاقتصادية لسوق الحلال ويشرح طرق الذبح الحلال المختلفة ، ويتطرق إلى أهمية الرفق بالحيوان في الإسلام ، وفوائد شهادة الحلال لشركات الأغذية ويقدم اقتراحات حول كيفية تحسين الرفق بالحيوان  خلا لذبح. الحلال



Dr Awal Fuseini

Dr Awal Fuseini is an academic from the UK who specialises in the science of Halal meat production and animal welfare.

He holds a BSc (Agriculture) from Cape Coast University, MSc (Meat Science and Technology) from Bristol and PhD (Animal Welfare) also from University.

Awal’s PhD research involved investigation on the welfare aspects of Halal slaughter of adult cattle and how welfare could be improved.

Awal has published several peer-reviewed scientific papers in journals of high repute such as Meat Science, Animal Welfare, CAB Reviews, Food Ethics and others. He is also involved in training meat industry personnel as well as Islamic scholars on the science of meat.

Awal also has extensive experience in the UK’s Halal sector where he worked in roles including auditing, certification management and he is currently the Halal sector manager at the UK’s Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

His recent book published by Context Publication




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